In today’s guide, we’re going to explore in detail how you can start an aliexpress dropshipping business even though you have no experience.

Because dropshipping with aliexpress is making headlines in the ecommerce airwaves lately.

You don’t need to take my word on this one, however, read the success stores told by The Huffington Post, The Next Web, and Forbes.

According to the reports, all these e-commerce entrepreneurs were entry levels like you and me crushing it with drop shipping using this lucrative marketplace as their suppliers.

So if they have been able to do it so can we.

It’s eminent that you take the time to research and find out the nugget’s making this model very lucrative.

Most especially the on-demand products to drop ship.

Still in doubt; this will blow your circuits.

Well, if you’re a believer in numbers then Oberlo (a drop shipping software) user receive over 50,000 orders that result in about 1,400,000 in sales each day.

Translating into $42,000,000 in sales every month. Just imagine yourself getting 0.01% of this figure from your store.

It’s possible to achieve this level of success so keep reading on to discover how they did it.

The drop shipping business model is not NEW, it’s been in operation from the beginning of time.

All your purchases you make from your local brick and mortar stores are drop shipping deals.

So all your famous go to shopping malls Walmart, Buy More, Target, Large Mart, etc, are all into drop shipping in one way or the other.

How? You’re wondering.

They buy bulk merchandise at cheaper wholesale prices and retail to us at a marked-up price.

Keeping the change in price as profits.

Obviously, the above mention stores operate slightly different from what we’ll be discussing today.

How different are their operations?

In the wall street stores, you’ll have hands-on experience with your purchase and also interact with a salesman (in-person) at the store.

It’s vital to mention that, you also pick-up your items as you make payment at the counter, same day.

Moreover, as a result of its lucrativeness, you see these shop owners opening chains of branches in no time.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, their little secret is out.

So we’re going to take our share of their profits without keeping inventories and a physical location.

Even though it is an ancient business.

Still, it will rank in the top 3 best self-employment business ideas before blogging and affiliate marketing.

Yet, it is still an untapped industry in the ecommerce niche you can dominate today. If only you know where to source for suppliers, trending products and a trusted platform to play.


Every time someone thinks of starting an online business the first opportunity they explore is affiliate marketing and blogging, this happens in every 9 out of 10 situations.

As a result, affiliate marketing and blogosphere are flooded with an influx of entry-level internet marketers.

Lots of competition means there’s money to be made.

Even though affiliate marketing isn’t dead yet, however, you’ll need to learn;

  • how to choose affiliate products
  • ways to add value (how will the product help the buyer) to the product you’re promoting to your audience
  • how to sell them. Before you can attain significant success.

These contents from “the lord of affiliate marketing  Pat Flynn” will help you build your affiliate marketing business the right way.

Moreover, if you’re a beginner boarding the make money online train for the first time then drop shipping, blogging, and affiliate marketing are the safest road to travel. The focus keyword is ‘SAFEST’, meaning you have to make deliberate efforts to see the business succeed not any get rich quick scheme online.

The Pitfall:

Most beginners join affiliate marketing or blogging (digital marketing) and abandon their dreams when the greenbacks are not raining. It takes relentless efforts, blood and sweat to make legitimate money online.

The saddest part is: many successful internet marketers only tell you how easy it is to crush it online.

But the truth is, they only show you their success, not the foundation of the iceberg. So you follow them blindly and fall.


The internet is filled with flashy, push button, get the rich quick product, so beware and don’t believe everything you read, listen or watch online. There’s no free launch anywhere. If you’re fun of asking for free launch you’ll become the launch one day.

Believe me, I learned this lesson the hard way. You’re in luck you found this page.

You, still don’t believe me right?

Ask them the number of hours in a day they work on their projects before bragging about the stories they are telling today.

So if you are not ready to work your ass off by spending at least one hour a day (the lazy man’s approach) on your online business.

Then I suggest you keep your money in your wallet before wasting it.

We have been made to believe that internet marketing is full of MILK and HONEY.

Yes, that’s very true. But someone has to milk the cows and tame the bees.

Trillions of dollars exchange hands every day via services rendered by people online.

So with the right frame of mind, you’re a step from cutting a slide of the trillion dollar pie.

Smart passive income dot com has a comprehensive resource strategy to help you generate your first affiliate sale in months or less. So check it out in your free time if that is the road you wish to travel.

However, for quick, stable and untapped success online, dropshipping from aliexpress is your best bet.


Apart from it being free and easy to join.

It’s also a copy and pastes model of doing business online.

Where you don’t worry about creating a product, keeping inventory or renting a physical shop.

Hence initial startup capital is very low.

All you have to do is generate a viable sale to the supplier’s product page from your website.

Then you forward the lead (customers order details) to your third-party website in exchange for a commission (profits).

Let me be upfront with you, it’s not as simple as explained to generate sales from your newly created dropshipping website.

Hence, try to put in extra efforts into your business to see significant results. 

However, It’s less expensive and easy to start under 10 minutes with or without a website.

You can start drop shipping aliexpress products on the largest ecommerce auction site East Bay and make money.

The only drawback is that;

  • Your account can be banned at any given time if you go against their terms and conditions
  • You share your margins with East Bay
  • If you live in a country blacklisted by PayPal then you’re ineligible to operate on eBay.

So don’t you think it’s ideal you build your own brand since this is a lifetime business you’re building?

If you’re non-techie or beginner, mistakes are your number one enemy to avoid. For these reasons, I recommend you buy a custom made drop shipping site from the experts starting at $299.

They know what it takes to put up a professional looking WordPress dropship website. Try them today and thank me later.

Introducing The all-in-one turns key Aliexpress Dropshipping Solutions.

These guys at alidropship dot com will do all the heavy lifting for you at a reasonable price.

Heavy lifting like;

  • Niche selection with years of profitability
  • Keyword research and competition analysis
  • Buying a brandable premium dot com domain for your business
  • Getting you an affordable hosting dedicated to dropshipping
  • Custom design of your website
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Importing products to your store from reliable suppliers
  • Social media page integration (depending on your package)
  • SEO rich contents for your content marketing strategy
  • Creation of video for your Aliexpress dropshipping store
  • So much more

We will delve deeper into this later in the post as we learn how to build ourselves a dropshipping website.

So keep your Coffee Warm And Read On.

Here are some of their demos websites pulling in thousands of dollars every month, and

Moreover, you can also buy their all-in-one WordPress aliexpress dropshipping plugin here at $89 if you can build the website yourself.

Targeting the wrong niche, keyword research and poorly done competitive analysis can shut down your business on opening day.

So, remember starting smart from scratch is important to the success and growth of your business.

 Full Upfront Disclaimer:

Please, I’m not pitching any sales here, just trying to enumerate the dangers ahead so you can avoid them.

However, if you chose to make a purchase via the links I share, I will be given a small commission at no extra cost to you. So thank you in advance for supporting our work.

It’s vital you stick to the initial plan of putting in all your efforts to give value to your audience in order to succeed.

Most importantly, building trust and relationships with your market by serving them with valuable contents is your greatest asset.

Never be in the rush for the financial gains.

We often make the mistake to notice that our customers are well-informed and they flea ones they sense it’s only their monies you’re interested in.

They will pay you handsomely if you focus on solving their pain points. 

I hope you are ready to serve!

Ones a business owner, you’re always the servants whereas your customer runs the business.

Bear in mind, the customer is always right since they are the fuel running the engines of your business.

affiliate marketing VS.Dropshipping VS. Blogging


In the graph above, I tried to do a comparison among the top three internet marketing ideas over the past 12 months (2017).

Thus; affiliate marketing, drop shipping, blogging and they are color coded blue, red and yellow respectively.

It’s clear from the graph by google trends that drop shipping (in red) is taking over the digital marketing space.

And it’s not coming down anytime soon.

This is undoubtedly the reasons behind many successful online entrepreneurs are changing the course of their business toward drop shipping.

Major industry players like Pat Flynn and Spencer Haws among others started making money online with little to NO investments.

However, with consistency and focus as their hallmark, Pat is known today as the “lord of affiliate marketing” (Grant me the permission to award him this title). 

All in All, many internet marketers are becoming e-commerce entrepreneurs with a focus on drop shipping from Aliexpress.

Most affiliate marketers I know today are switching course of their business model towards dropshipping.

Due to its exponential growth in popularity and it lucrative in nature.

Spencer Haws from niche pursuits dot com is a living testimony.

He’s much into building profitable content focused niche sites and software.

The creator of the famous keyword research software, Long Tail Pro and now TableLabs.

Software used by over 70,000 digital marketers, myself included is now in incognito dropshipping business.

If you’re really serious about finding the low hanging keywords in your niche for quick success in your drop shipping business.

Then I recommend you start your 7 days free trial of this amazing software here.

Surprisingly he’s currently a full-time Amazon FBA seller; a dropshipping business fulfilled by Amazon.

Although he’s using Amazon as a medium to dropship his private label products.

What you might not be aware of is this; he’s importing all his products from Alibaba the parent company of Aliexpress

Now, you’re dying to kickstart your next six-figure e-commerce business dropshipping with Aliexpress. Seeing the potentials in drop shipping.

But hang in there for me, there’s still a long road to travel.

Always remember the eleventh commandment in internet marketing; Thy Shall Not Rush!

Without taking any more of your time, this is the ultimate guide to building a profitable aliexpress drop shipping business with no experience.

Before we dive into the deep waters, let’s get some basic things out of way.


In all honesty, Aliexpress is becoming the preferred supplier to most drop shippers because of their;

    1. Largest inventory (100+ million products).
    2. More than 200,000+ verified and trusted manufactures.
    3. Lowest unbeatable market prices.
    4. Introduction of the Aliexpress Premium Shipping (ePackage) which take only 14 days after shipment.
    5. Faster delivery to over 200+ countries (Remote & Urban).
    6. Most importantly 75% of their merchandise is on free shipping.
    7. Escrow payment system by Alipay.
    8. Buyer protection agreement.
    9. Flexible dispute and refund process.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran marketer looking to shift focus to dropshipping with Aliexpress.

Then with this tutorial, you will be one step ahead of your competition in becoming a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.


If you have doubts achieving success with the drop shipping business model then this post is written with you in focus.

I understand you have tried many online projects and failed.

And the fear of failing is preventing you from starting a new online business.

So you’re throwing in the towel. 

Of course, you have every right to quit, but before you raise the white flag.

Remember these words from Richard Nixon;

Defeat doesn’t finish a man, quitting does. 

A man is not finished when he’s defeated.

He’s finished when he quits.

So, abandoning your dreams as a result of your previous failing attempts makes you a failure. Nothing else.

You’re just like a security guard leaving the post as a result of receiving a query note for sleeping on duty.

I have chains of failed online properties as well

So you see we’re in the same boat sailing together. 

Remember your greatest obstacle comes when you’re nearer your greatest opportunity.

So before you give up, let us take a walk on this path together.

You failed previously because you went solo. I didn’t take massive actions on my projects

I sat idle praying for google to miraculously find and index my site in other to send traffic my way.

Things don’t work that way, what you put in is what you get.

However, now we’re figuring things outside by side and learning from our mistakes.

Hence our odds of winning are high.

I am not ‘ASHAME‘ to say; I’m a living testimony of failing most of my online projects.

It is a learning curve for me because success is a process, not an event.

Before you give in to failure’s demands.

First, learn from the man who actually knew failure “Thomas Edison”.

As HE, puts it;

  1. I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
  2. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

So why give up now?  Let get to WORK.

We didn’t fail we just found 10,000 creative ways to get things done the smart way.


Well relax; our dropshipping marketplace Aliexpress have over 200,000+ verified Chinese manufacturers ready to do legit business with you.

At a minimum risk to you.

This guidepost is tailored towards entry levels, to help you avoid all the mistakes concerning dropshipping on aliexpress.

It’s going to be a long ride so grab your caffeine source and buckle up.


By the end of today’s guide we’ll be able to explain:

  • Introduction to dropshipping
  • What is Aliexpress?
  • What is Aliexpress dropshipping?
  • Why Start Aliexpress Dropshipping Business?
  • How to start  dropshipping with Aliexpress
  • Where to find best drop shipping sites
  • How to choose aliexpress deals?
  • Best ways to find trusted dropshipping suppliers on Aliexpress
  • Find the best items on aliexpress to dropship
  • Starting an online store with drop shipping step-by-step
  • Introducing the best aliexpress dropshipping plugin


Is it always relevant for a business owner to see the ordered merchandise from their clients before delivering to their prospective clients?

Certainly NO!

Every time you make a buy of a digital product such as eBooks, the software’s from Clickbank, Commission Junction, and JVZoo.

The product creator needs not to handle the product before it’s delivered to your email address.

Such is the beauty of drop shipping.

Dropshipping is a virtual retail fulfillment business whereby an online store does not keep inventories of stock products it sells.

Instead, when the store generates a sale, then you place your client’s order on your third parties (in this case site at the wholesaling price providing the customer’s name and shipping details.

Your partnered retailer will then ship your ordered items to your customer without you seeing or handling the merchandise.

Then you keep the change in price as profits.

Easy money right! A simple pick and drop way of making legit money online.

Your store becomes an incognito middleman in the fulfillment process.

Let’s consider a real-world example so you can get the picture clearer.


When I was a child, I always enjoy my weekends at the local shopping mall, where my father and I will be going for our weekly shopping.

I always get gifts from the store, so I always wish every day was a Saturday because the school was boring for me

In those days, daddy and I will drive or walk to a local retailing shop like Target, Large mart, buy more, and Walmart to make a purchase.

Or any of your local retail stores where products are on sale in stock.

Let’s say we’re in for groceries, gadgets, and clothes.

We walk around the shop with our shopping basket or cart as we do our purchases.

When done, my father then makes payment to the clerk with cash or credit card.

And we walk away happily with our merchandise.

To be upfront with you; what my father didn’t know is this, these giant retailers make bulk imports at a wholesaling price and then retail it to us with a markup price.

This is offline dropshipping and we’re going to reinvent the wheel today.

Uncovering their secrets in this guide and how you can do the same with little hustle.


  • You get firsthand experience of the product before you make a buy. Especially with clothes, shoes…
  • Refunds and exchange can happen within 24 hours or less
  • You deal directly with humans
  • Avoid middlemen by paying the realistic price


  • Time wasting especially when caught in traffic
  • You’re limited to one variety of products to buy.
  • Bad weather can pose a challenge when you need the product badly
  • You need to rush to the shop to get groceries else you’ll meet them
    “Sorry, we’re closed” sign.
  • Shop owners enjoy the monopoly


However, with drop shipping, you only create a website fill it with your wholesaler’s product pictures.

You then marked-up the retail price on your site for profit.

No worries about inventories.

Then you relentlessly promote your store with evergreen contents, paid ads, email marketing, and social media promotions.

With the goal of driving buying customers to your store

You only buy from your wholesaler when you sell a product on your store.


With your customer’s money, you place the order in your customer’s name and shipping address on the manufacturer’s website.

You keep the margins as your profit. So, you become the ‘INCOGNITO SALESMAN‘.

The supplier then fulfills your ordered goods to the clients without you seeing or handling the merchandise.

However, the tracking details will be emailed to you for onward transfer to your clients.

Moreover, all further communications will be between you and your clients.

Most importantly your emails to your clients should bear your stores name and logo.

In the unlikely events of a customer asking for refunds (whatever their reasons) then you quickly respond to their emails assuring them of a satisfying settlement.

You then transfer the complaint from your client to the supplier for either product returns with a full refund or the customer keeps the product with a partial refund.

Your supplier’s response time is imminent, so be selective in choosing a wholesaler for your drop shipping business.

Most entry levels drop shippers make the mistake of going after suppliers with the lowest prices, in other to make bountiful margins.

Although it can be a sweet spot for you if you’re in luck. However, that’s not the best practice (more on this later).

I know what you’re thinking; how can this happen since the supplier has your money?

Well, Aliexpress has measures in place to cater for such unforeseen circumstances.

Hence the supplier can never rip you off your cash.

Your clients have 60 days to return the products if they are unhappy with the purchase.

So you can even offer a 60-day money back guarantee to secure credibility in the eyes of the buyer.

For your store to retain its credibility, offer the customer a new product for free of charge with free shipping if they have genuine concerns.

Also, allow him/her to keep the previous order. It’s your small way of apologizing for your client’s time.

Remember to act fast, since the success of your drop shipping business largely depends on the quality of your customer service.

Focus solely on providing value to your customers, not the monetary gains. Building trust for your brand is very vital to the growth of your store.

Key Takeaway:

Always, remember to tell your suppliers you’re a drop shipper.

So they don’t reveal their companies name or other relevant data on the shipped parcel.

If not done right it can ruin your business.

Remember also to devalue the product in other to save your buyer from additional customs charge.

Most clients are going to get angry seeing their $150 pair of sneakers valued at say $10 on the shipping package.


  • Low initial startup capital is required.
  • No worries about keeping inventories.
  • A large number of product inventories to choose from.
  • Shopping is now safe, easy and convenient.
  • Your orders are delivered to your doorstep much faster.
  • Competitive pricing eliminates the monopoly.


  • It sometimes takes too long a time before your product to arrive.
    Especially if you’re living in the suburbs.
  • No hands-on try of the product (You only make a product purchase
    on the judgment of its picture)
  • Not all suppliers ships to your region
  • You can lose your money when the trade goes bad.
  • Don’t buy any item over $500 online especially if it’s electronics


Aliexpress is China’s largest direct buying portal. Trough aliexpress you could without delay buy from producers and cut out the middleman. This will guarantee much cheaper prices than in any store.

In brief, aliexpress is the retail side of the internets biggest wholesale dealer – Alibaba.

Because of the close linkage with Alibaba and enormous economic scale in production.

Collectively with the decrease in spending on middlemen, almost all products listed on aliexpress is a whole lot cheaper than what you may pay in any regular store.


To the layman, Aliexpress dropshipping is a drop shipping model whereby you create a simple yet attractive e-commerce website. You then load it with profitable products pictures from

And sell to your buyers at a markup price. Instead of buying bulk inventories of product “A” with the hopes of selling well on your site.

You only focus on relentlessly providing value to your customers through cutting-edge contents, videos, and ebooks in exchange for sales. Remember most if not all ecommerce sites doesn’t have a blog section on their site.

They are too busy adding trending products to their huge catalogs.

Focus all your promotion attention on this pitfall and optimize your site with quality, helpful contents, how-to, and guides.

Now a loyal reader of your contents makes a purchase at your store.

Then you use Aliexpress as your third-party supplier fulfilling your orders every time you generate a sale from your store.

However, it’s wealth mentioning that, not everything about aliexpress is pleasant to the ears.

But measures are in place to ensure your safety is assured.

Are you scared of getting ripped off your money after reading the lines above?

Well, the over 200,000+ verified Aliexpress wholesalers selling more than 100 million products has lessened your worries.

As discussed earlier.

So its a very lucrative avenue to start a successful online business from home with little investments.

Your geographical location doesn’t matter.


Aliexpress ships to over 200+ countries and remote areas. Even beyond the jurisdictions of Amazon and eBay.


Most ecommerce entrepreneurs are resorting to aliexpress as their supplier because;

  • Their products are dead cheap
  • You can make single orders
  • Buyer Protection with 60-day money back guarantee
  • Fortified payment (Alipay) and dispute resolution system
  • Ships to over 200 countries worldwide even in the remote regions where Amazon doesn’t serve.
  •  Over 75% of their products are on free shipping.
  • Accept different payment systems such as credit cards, western union,…

Wait, Wait, Wait… before you get over excited read this;


On March 29, 2010, Aliexpress was born.

With the primary objective to serve individuals and small businesses on a budget to make single or small orders from manufacturers.

Without asking for your business certificate.

This paved way for business owners to deal directly with manufactures eliminating all middlemen from the sales equation.

However, at the infant stage of their sites operation; there was an influx of scam Chinese re-sellers on the site.

Selling low-quality counterfeit products to prospective buyers

This news spread faster than wildfire, resulted in generating a negative reputation for the company.

Just google “Is Aliexpress Safe to buy from” and you will discover over 1 million results for this query alone. Lots of negative reviews about Aliexpress.

See for yourself;

is aliexpress safe to buy from

Refunds & Dispute resolution in the early years of the site was very terrible.

Hence leaving the buyers hanging and losing their hard earned money to these scam sellers.

Because this marketplace was created by the founders of as the Asian version of Jeff Bezo’s

There was a need to maintain its credibility.

So there was the need for trimming, pruning and weeding out the bad nuts from the marketplace.

Many stores were closed and now there is a lot of sanity on the platform.

Hence the implementation of;

  1. The robust Alipay
  2. 60-day return policy
  3. Dispute resolution
  4. Buyer Protection

Even though Aliexpress is a lot better that is started, online reputation repair can be very challenging.

Also, it’s good to mention that, real brands are doing business on the Aliexpress platform today. This reaffirms the trust brands like Adidas, Nike, Lenovo…now have in the Aliexpress marketplace.


You need to be concerned, but it’s also important to note that Alibaba sells more products than Amazon and eBay combined.

You don’t believe me read this.

In their 11:11 singles day sale (China’s largest online shopping day on 11th November of every year).

Hence the needs to realign your thoughts about running away from this treasure map.

There are so… much gems on their marketplace and we will attempt to uncover them to you so your fears and doubts vanish.

Just stick around as we unearth the hidden potentials of Aliexpress in other to become a better ecommerce entrepreneur.


At this point, I believe you’re wondering how to start this new ecommerce adventure.

Well, there are two roads to travel here. Either you build it yourself or you employ the services of this company dedicated to building profitable Aliexpress dropshipping website.

To be upfront with you; traveling solo on this journey can be very tricky, you can lose money and waste your time.

If done wrong, however, you’ll also learn more and gain experience as you embark on the solo questing.

Instead of you doing this blindly, this step-by-step free ebook will guide you to avert major pitfalls most new ecommerce entrepreneurs make.

Be smart from scratch now.  Get it now!

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
Now let’s get into the juicy part;


Creating a profitable drop shipping site is the same as creating a blog, business website or an ecommerce site.

You will need to;

  1. Chose and validate a niche or product to sell
  2. Get a brandable domain
  3. A reliable hosting
  4. An attractive theme
  5. Content Management System
  6. Buy a Dropship Plugin
  7. Start building your site


Deciding on which product to sell is a mountainous task. In situations where you’re using aliexpress as your drop shipping vendor.

This platform sells over 100 million products from 200,000 plus verified Chinese manufacturers.

In fact, they sell virtually everything.

However, there are things to consider when making a decision on the product you want to sell on your store. Also if you are looking for niche or product ideas then there’s a comprehensive guide here for your reference.

You can test the prospect of your niche with this free tool.


  1. Avoid heavy products
  2. Avoid pricey products (over $200)
  3. Stay away from seasonal products
  4. Avoid products that easily breaks
  5. Drop questionable products
  6. Do not sell electronics
  7. Don’t Sell products that can be bought from your local retail shops


Drop shipping is all about maximizing profits at the barest risk to the customer. Choosing to sell products that are heavy calls for additional shipping and customs charges to your clients.

Selling drones for examples is a disadvantage to your store because it’s expensive, heavy and attracts high shipping fees.

Since over 75 percent of products on aliexpress are on free shipping, we recommend you chose a lightweight product that attracts free shipping in other to boost sales and faster delivery.


Selling pricy products will leave most of your buyers on the fence. Why should I pay for a product over 200 dollars and wait for two weeks or more to receive it?

While Wal-Mart sells a similar item I can pay and pick the same day. Not to mention the stress of exchange in case the supplier ships a wrong item.

To maximize profits, go after the product that triggers impulse buying.

Impulse buyers are the main reason why you shouldn’t sell high ticket products. A buyer can wait patiently for a $25 item as oppose a $500 product.


Seasonal products are the product that only spikes up sale during festive seasons, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween gifts.

Selling products like that on your store will only generate sales during these periods of the year.

Your store will become idle when the holidays seasons are over.

But when blended with other products in your store you can make a substantial income from your store.


Staying away from selling breakable products like drinking cups, wine glasses and plates on your website is a bet.

Because this will prevent lots of your customers from demanding their money’s back. Since most of your package will arrive broken.

As you’re already aware, your client’s orders will go through several checkpoints before reaching their final destination.

Since most carrier companies mishandle the small pocket packages resulting in breaking the fragile ones.


For what is wealth, most of your client’s purchases are in single orders. Their packaging is not done properly in most cases.

So, when the products arrive broken then it’s common sense I return the package for a refund.

More refunds from your website mean the loss of credibility, clients and at worse bad reviews from your buyers.


Before deciding on selling knives and vapes in your store, it’s ideal you get familiar with the customs rules and regulations of your target market.

There are countries where their laws don’t allow the importation of arms. Although, it may be just a kitchen knife yet they will prevent it from entering the country.

Smoking is dangerous to your health so selling vape and accessories to your market can be cumbersome.

So to save yourself from this custom related issues, there’s the need to avoid these products. Because you cannot know all the customs regulations of every country in the world.

Since your store is online you can attract clients from all walks of life so just stay away from those products.

Do Not Sell Electronics.

Selling electronics are very lucrative but drop shipping these products can be a pain in the ass.


Your supplier can make a mistake in the product description and so will you. Also English is not the first language for most suppliers on Aliexpress. So the language barrier can rely on hurt your store.

Since you won’t have the liberty of accessing the products physically, a little change in the model number can cause massive refund issues for you.

More refunds mean a loss of credibility and profits and that’s the last thing you would want. So for a successful drop shipping with Aliexpress, selling electronics isn’t an option.

However, there is an exception here, if your an expert in that industry then your good to go.


The whole idea of e-commerce is to avoid or reduce monopoly by showcasing different types of products and service from various manufacturers to clients at a competitive price.

What is the point of your customer buying a product from a webstore when the same item is sold next door?
This makes no sense in business terms. Hence the need to be selective in your choice of products offered.
When choosing a product for your dropship store remember to sell items that cannot be easier to get from your local brick and mortar stores.
This will compel your buyers to wait patiently for their orders to hit their mailboxes. Without pressing the refund button.


There has been the illusion that starting an e-commerce company or website requires huge startup capital.
However, if you’re going the brick and mortar business you’ll end up breaking your bank account.
But, there is no need to travel that far. Now that Dropshipping with AliExpress is an easy, safe, cost-effective and convenient way to start a business anywhere in the world.
Moreover, starting smart from scratch is the best way to get your dream business up and running the right way.
If you’re looking for a trusted company dedicated to building your e-commerce business the right way then I recommend you check out and thank me later.
Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Do you know any other solution dedicated to creating a super lucrative plug and play drop shipping business?
What road is safe for your travel: The done for your solutions or you’ll do the heavy lifting yourself.


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