2019 just hit the road to the success high way. And I hope your dreams of making it to the city of financial freedom are still on course.

However, the quickest way to make money online as an entry-level internet marketer is joining high paying affiliate programs.

Making money from affiliate marketing is not as easy as I’ve made it sound.

Although, it’s a lucrative business you can get involve and print the green bucks online on lunch day.

If only you start on the right path.

I can feel you’re poised for action and eager to discover the top paying affiliate programs.

But I must sound a word of warning; you should be fully committed to serving your audience before you can rake in the big profits.

No matter the choice of niche or the product you’re promoting. Serving your market should be your only FOCUS

Never try to fool, trick or deceive your readers for their monies. Else they are not going to take your recommendations ever again. 

Before we dive deep into this expert-written guide, let us get some basics out of the way.

I have to be honest with you.

You must be willing or determine to serve your target audience in the niche of your choosing.

Or kiss your dream a goodbye.

If MONEY is your only focus then I’m sorry you’re not going to make any affiliate commissions.

Instead, let the pain points of your audience be your focal point to address.

What VALUE are you providing to your readers that will make them return a favor?

I understand you’re curious to read the list of the best paying affiliate programs you can promote ASAP.

But it’s relevant to cement your fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

So, that your boat doesn’t sink in the pool of highly saturated marketers in the industry.

In this guide, I am not only going to tell you;

  • The mistake most affiliates make.
  • Where to find high ticket programs or products.
  • How to identify your target audience
  • The 5 P’s for promoting high ticket affiliate programs with success.

High paying Affiliate programs

From the screenshot above, a google search for the term Affiliate marketing returns about 268,000,000 search results.

Showing an estimated monthly search volume of 165,000 making the industry very popular and highly saturated for new entrants.

Hence it’s relevant to get your fundamentals right from the word go.

There’re lots of useful free resources on the subject matter for your study.

So, in other not to make this guide too lengthy, I won’t dwell much on this area.

Our primary focus today, is to identify the highest commission affiliate products that compensate your time and efforts.

So without further ado; let us get the basics of affiliate marketing and how to win in this industry.

what-is-affiliate-marketingWhat is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is about generating online passive income streams by recommending other companies products and service that fulfill its promises, to a larger audience in exchange for a commission. Should your audience make a purchase via your links.

Ideally, the products or services you’ve had hands-on experience should be your primary focus to promote.

To the layman, affiliate marketing is the process of introducing friends & family to products you have already use and fall in love with.

In turn, the company then rewards you with a percentage of the lead you sent their way.

As a way of showing their appreciation for giving them a new client.

Its the gateway to the online passive income streams of opportunities.

Yet it will require all your attention, effort, dedication, commitment, and lots of patience.

Finally, your readiness to become a slave to your target audience is the only route to generating passive income.

Affiliate marketing business is not a sprint or a get rich quick push-button scheme.

Rather, its a marathon so those who have what it takes to hold on, always win the race.

Are you one of us? If the answer is YES, then let consider why you should join affiliate marketing.

Why Join high paying Affiliate marketing ProgramsWhy Affiliate Marketing?

This internet business is the go-to opportunity for 9 out of 10 individuals wishing to make legit money online. Either as a first timer or as a secondary source of income.

Because of its

  • Zero startup capital requirement.
  • Requires no product creation.
  • Storage and shipping isn’t a problem as an affiliate.
  • No customer service required. The company’s customer service department will take care of it and convert your referrals. You only sit back and enjoy the nectar ($$$) from your funnels.
  • Highest affiliate commissions. You can earn from 3% to 75% commission, depending on the product type. Often most digital products have the highest commission rates compared to physical products.
  • It’s a life-saving opportunity for lots of people.
  • You can work from anywhere under the sun. All it requires is a mobile device and an internet connection

Moreover, there is no need to be alarmed.

With this guide, you are going to avert all the newbie mistakes and start smart from scratch.

The Number One Mistakes Most New Affiliates Do.

The number one mistake most new and veteran affiliates make is the greed of money their offering brings.

Rather, their focus is not on the end user (the customer).

Although, money is the primary reasons why we all get into business in the first place. So we can rake in big profits.

For this reason, it’s 1:15 AM (Greenwich Meridian Time) and I’m awake writing this guide for your digest.

However, my primary objective is not about the monetary gains. Instead, the solutions I can offer to the pain points of my readers bring me joy.

Hence, I’ll advise you really aim at providing value to your audience and they will in turn reward you.

I have a confession to make; Odicki.com thrives on the commissions generated as results of your kind support of our work. We get a small commission for the products, services and links we share with you here. At NO extra cost to you. Should you decide to make the purchase via our affiliate links? Thanks in advance for your support.

However, I do not pitch you any program here on this site.

Rather, I break down the concepts for your digest.

Identifying the pain points of my readers (You).

And I try to help serve them with a juicy actionable solution.

This strategy is what I call Selling Through Teaching (borrowed from Pat Flynn)

All-in-All, what most affiliates are doing wrong is their consistent pitching of offers to the potential buyers.

You can’t simply slap a product in the face of a potential buyer who doesn’t know you and expect him/her to take your offer.

Rather, it’s best you build a relationship (trust) with your readers first by selflessly providing answers to their questions.

Make sure you become the go-to guy whenever your readers want answers to their problems.

Trust building takes time but it worth the wait.

You will be amazed at how rewarding becoming a servant can be.

Online buyers are looking for a long lasting solution to their problems.

Hence about 83% of online buyers read two to three reviews before making informed purchasing decisions.

Key Takeaway;

So, as you’re starting out your affiliate marketing journey today, never focus on the money.

Instead, do your best to serve your target market.

By providing detailed insight about the product or service you’re getting them to buy.

What will they achieve if they take your offer?

Will it solve their problems?

If you were the buyer, will you make the purchase base on the information available?

Never follow the noise out there asking you to only sell, sell…sell to your market. Trust me, your readers will run from your site and never return again. Resulting in you generating NO commission for your efforts.

I learned this the hard way, after a series of failing projects.

On the contrary, if you Educate, Inform and Entertain your readers. They will reward you handsomely by Earning you the commissions.

Do you remember how you won the heart of your spouse?

In the early years of your meeting, you did show caring, gave him/her attention and time before you became the Superman or the wonder woman in the competition.  Such is the principle you must follow should you want to see real revenue from your hard work and sleepless nights. Building trust and relationship is your only way out in knocking out the competition.

High paying Affiliate Marketing Network

Where To Find And Promote High Ticket Programs

There is no money to make in any business if there isn’t a product or service to offer your market.

However, you can take the leap of faith by creating a product yourself should you realize there’s no product to serve your hungry market.

Moreover, there will be no need for you to break your bank account to create a product in other to make money.

Finding a high paying affiliate program isn’t the problem. Rather promoting it to the right audience should be your concern. Affiliate programs are everywhere online.

Starting with affiliate networks like

  1. Click Bank
  2. JVZoo
  3. Commission Junction
  4.  Max bounty
  5. Flex Offers
  6. Affiliate Window
  7. Share A Sale
  8. Trade Doubler
  9. Avant Links
  10. Digital River
  11. Link Connector

These networks have thousands of affiliate programs in any niche of your choice.

Simply signup with any of them get your unique affiliate links and begin your affiliate marketing journey.

Service to your clients should be your focus, not your selfish interest and greed for high earnings.

Doing this is the only way you can survive in the Amazon forest of super wild animals.

Also, you can extend your hunt for affiliate marketing opportunities by contacting vendors or companies directly.

Vendors of High Paying Affiliate Program Hunt.

The way to get better affiliate deals is to visit the companies website or contacting them via email.

Assuming you have a special program you would like to promote but cannot find their offers on any of the above affiliate networks.

Then you have to go to the source of the product.

For the purposes of this post, I would be using price4Limo cars rental service as an example, so let’s visit www.price4limo.com

high paying affiliate program 2

This method applies to all vendor program approach.

Just visit the companies website, in this case, price4limo dot com.

Browse to the bottom of the homepage and look for terms like affiliate program, Partners or Referral program.

high paying affiliate program 3

Simply click on that link to sign up for their affiliate program.

Moreover, in the event that the vendor doesn’t have such links on their site.

You can send them an email asking to promote their offers to your audience.

In your email, be friendly. By telling them how you can help them get their products to the larger audience.

Share your analytics results with them.

If you’re knowledgeable about Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, Call only Ads and other traffic generation method your good at.

Doing this, you’re putting yourself ahead of the numerous emails they receive.

Pro Tip: If there is a gap in their industry they are not covering, you can bring to the attention of the company. And they will love you for your care for their business.

A deal is made.

For faster response to your inquiry, its better you locate their contact number on the site. Then you call them.

This will fast-track the process and also shows your commitment to helping grow their business

Most new affiliates hold the belief that, their chance of making good commission is by promoting low hanging affiliate products. That cost between 35 – 100 dollars.

Remember not to make such a mistake. You must keep in mind that, the efforts needed to make a $5 commission are the same energy needed to promote a product that will make you 100 to 3000 dollars in commission.

To avoid the mistake of going after low or cheap affiliate programs.

Under the illusion of generating more sales via impulse buying.

Note that if your offering is substandard, you’re going to get more refunds.

You will lose both money and credibility. Don’t forget its easy refunding a $10 eBook than a $100k worth of an item.

Hence the relevance of joining high paying affiliate programs.

What are the top Affiliate ProgramsWhat Are High Paying Affiliate Programs?

These are programs and services that reward you handsomely for your leads, efforts and time.

There are thousands if not millions of affiliate programs in every industry. But most of these partner programs do not merit your time.

Pro Tip: For successes in this space, I would recommend these industries to you.

  1.  Health and fitness programs
  2. Gold and Precious Metal
  3. Investment Program
  4. Internet marketing niche
  5. Relationship
  6. Legal Injury
  7. Travel Affiliate Program Niche
  8. Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs
  9. Insurance High Ticket Affiliate Programs
  10. Dog Affiliate Programs
  11. Fashion High Ticket Affiliate programs
  12. Amazon Affiliate High Ticket Items
  13. Web Hosting Affiliate Programs
  14. Exotic Car Rentals Affiliate Programs
  15. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

These industries are the sweet spot in the referral program space because there is always demand for their supplies.

Health and fitness programs

The health market is huge and growing at an exponential rate. That’s why most affiliates are crushing it big time in this very industry.

Even those selling low ticket Clickbank $34 products are making money.

For this reason, it is insanely competitive penetrating the defense of an Italian football team.

However, there are many high-quality affiliate program you can join and promote today.

This expect-written guide will hold you by the hand to penetrate the impenetrable chines wall.

Why the health and wellness industry?

Of course, the health and fitness niche is evergreen with lots of buyer intent products.

There are thousands of products to promote as an affiliate marketer either as a physical or digital product.

Since your health determines your wealth, most people are looking for ways to improve their wellness. Hence, the introduction of new health-related products and programs.

Be it weight loss, nutrition, diet, sexuality… on the list goes, there are companies that need your help to put their offerings to your audience.

Why do they need your help, moreover they already have enough budget for marketing?

The reasons are simple, customers are the fuel running the engines of every successful business.

Below is the list of high-quality paying health-related affiliate programs you can sign onto and start promoting today.

sell health high paying programs1. SELL HEALTH

Sell Health is known for their huge collection of health and fitness related product you can join and promote if you’re in the health niche.

Their reward ranges from $100 to $350 everytime you generate a sale via your unique affiliate link. They have a catalog for women health products, men’s health anti-aging, slimming and weight loss products among others.

How to Join

The sell health affiliate program is free to join. As an enthusiast in the health niche, simply visit sell health dot com.

Click on become an affiliate partner tab. You will be taken to the next page where you will have to complete a form containing all your personal information.

sell health high paying programs 1

All fields containing the asterisk (*) is mandatory.

The odd site of this affiliate program is they don’t accept all countries and regions.

So, if you are living in a PayPal blacklisted country then count yourself out from joining this glamorous opportunity.

Since its one of their payment options. Although there are other payment options available for your chosen. So all is not lost.

However, if only your country is listed among the eligible countries to participate in their program. As shown in the figure below.

sell health high paying affiliate 3Your next step is to accept their terms and condition and fill out the other information. Explaining to sell health how you intend promoting their advertising partner programs.

Moreover, it’s your responsibility to come clean on the traffic source you’re going to use to drive web traffic to their landing page.

Paid ads, Adwords, email marketing pay per click, and content marketing are a mostly acceptable source of traffic source when it comes to affiliate marketing.

sell health high paying affiliate 4

Next, after all, fields are completed just click on the SIGN UP NOW button to submit your application for review and acceptance.

An affiliate manager will communicate to you via email whether or not your application is approved or denied.

Also, if you’re accepted into their program you’ll be handed a key to their portal where you can access all their promotional materials, banners, tools and your unique tracking code.

Click here to join sell health Affiliate program

fitbit health affiliate program 12.  Fitbit.com

Fitbit products motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more.

15.Aliexpress Affiliate Programs

Aliexpress was born on march 29,2010 as a direct competitor to Amazon. The American base ecommerce powerhouse.

Aliexpress is owned by the largest Asian based business to business (B2B) ecommerce gaint alibaba dot com.

The primary goal for establishing aliexpress is to help individuals shopping under budget place small orders. You can even purchase a single item on aliexpress. On the contrary, alibaba only deals with bulk buyers.

Although, Aliexpress sells more products than eBay and Amazon combined.

Yet, not every news is pleasant to the ears.

During its early age, it generated bad name for itself. Some fake Chinese sellers took advantage of it’s newness to scam buyers.

Resulting in attracting negative reviews.

5 P’s For Promoting High Ticket Affiliate Programs With Success.


What problems are you trying to help clients out with your offer? What’s your motivation for promoting this program? Or you in this business like the 99%

Identifying your audience pain points and seeing if your product solves or addresses their concerns.

In the course of promoting high paying affiliate program, affiliates than to attract more to the commissions the products offers. Rather than the problems, it intends to solve.

Solving the problems of clients is the only way to succeed (generate sales on your offers) in affiliate marketing Match the product you’re promoting with the problems your target audience already have or are going through.


You should be able to clearly define the outcome/effect the product or offer is bringing to the table should a client make a purchase.

If you’re unable to explain to your audience what benefits they will be getting from the offer then you will lose because you don’t understand the offer yourself.

Make time to study and assimilate the concept very well in other to clearly explain to a third-grade student with ease. Doing this exercise will help you better understand your target market. Show your authority in your niche. Not asking you to show off.

Avoid making an empty promise or promises you can’t keep.

Pay attention to serving your market in other to turn your promotions into a real business.


This is the most difficult part of affiliate marketing.

Since you do not own the product showing proof to your audience that the offer actually works is hard to do.

It’s not that hard when you’re promoting physical products since previous buyers or users of the product leave real-time reviews of the merchant’s page.

However, when it comes to digital products, reviews are hard to come by, only those from influencers or beta testers of the product will shout praises about the product.

What if these reviews are from some 5 dollar Fiverr gig influencers?

I suggest you buy the product you’re willing to promote yourself, use it (rinse and repeat this process) to solve the particular problem it’s intended to address.

If done right;

  • You’ll have adequate knowledge of the system
  • becoming the authority
  • And identify and fix all the loopholes in the system
  • Become a living testimony of the product or service you are promoting to your market.
  • You will feel comfortable answering any question that pops up from your clients.
  • You’re now the unofficial customer care representative for the offer you’re promoting.
  • Proof can be case studies, testimonial, reviews, personal experience…


Your experience with the product you’re selling is really important to the success of your campaigns.

As an affiliate of a specific program, you’re considered a member of the vendors (product owners) marketing team.

You will gain insights into the program by using yourself and will be capable of solving questions raised by clients googling for solutions to their problems.


The ultimate affiliate promotional strategy is to treat these products as if they are your own.

Answer the following;

  • Are you comfortable promoting these products? If you’re not comfortable promoting it you should figure out why.
  • Does it pass the “Grandma Test”? If it doesn’t what do you need to fix? The grandma test is a way to share your promotion to your family and see if they will be proud of you or will be ashamed of you.
  • Could the client thank you for the recommendation?
  • Could you answer questions about the product?
  • Can you emphasize the problem and the promise?


  • Start with a product you are already using.

This will give you an edge to promote the offer as if you own the program. Since you have already gone through the system, it’s advantageous to you.

In one of my mathematics lessons, our teacher ones said: “in solving a problem start from the known to the unknown”.

  • Ask people what they are already buying.

Even the omnipotent God almighty who knows all, precisely instructed us to ‘ASK’ (Matthew 7:7) whenever we’re in need of something.

Practically, asking your family, friends, and relative which products they’re already buying will help you make an informed decision. Especially when it comes to trending products.

You already have your email list, social media fan pages.

Simply conduct a shot five minutes survey asking people about their consumables, what product or services are they willing to spend 100 – 1000 bucks on should they have that kind of cash available?

Ask about their favorite products and services rating them on a scale of 5 and what it’s missing.

Knowing the missing piece of the puzzle will equip you with the knowledge in finding solutions to your markets pain points. You can also use this information as a bonus offer for your promotions and your market love you for helping them out.

Conducting this research will give you a fair idea of what your market want.

Their challenges, troubles and pain points and you’re the man to present them the solution to their problems.

If this strategy is done right BOOM you’re on your way to making an online passive income.

Because you’ve skipped all the guessing games with try and error experiments.


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