There’s nothing frustrating in life than wanting to start a business when you have no money or at worse your family won’t support you.

You’re a fresh graduate from the university in search of non-existent jobs. What you might not be aware is this; only 2% of job seekers will secure the already made jobs.

What happens to the unlucky ones (You and I the 98%).

On the contrary, you may be working a day job. But you want more for yourself so you can give more to your family, friends and the world in general. Your paycheck is taking care of your mortgage and credit card debt.

So you are broke.

Luckily for you, a money-making opportunity presents itself. Yet ‘NO’ one is ready to support you financially.

What should I do then; give up on my dreams. Or sit and wait idly till the sandstorm clears?

No, I don’t think it’s the best road to travel.

However; if you are confident that you have a product or service people want, don’t allow the lack of funds stop you from starting a business.

Well, in today’s guide we’ll be learning;

  1. Why no one cares to sponsor your unborn business
  2. Ways to set realistic goals by starting small
  3. How to build your dreams with a FOCUSED mindset
  4. Tips to make $100 startup capital without borrowing


To be upfront with you, having the best money making business idea alone, isn’t enough to fly your automated business opportunities on the wings of an eagle.

People are more than ready to invest in businesses that have been tried and proven to stand the test of time with prospects.

How do you expect to attract investors to some ideas, your own social circles aren’t ready to sacrifice their hard-earned monies?

Nobody seems to believe in my idea. I really need to make this work too; I can’t give up on my dreams without putting up a fight. These are thought rambling through your head.

Bravo, I’m impressed you’re a fighter at least, that’s the entrepreneurial spirit. As you probably are aware all the successful individuals sharing their stories online were all like us at a stage in their life.


So, what do I need then?

Well, taking the bull by the horn, you need to find legit ways of raising the funds needed to sprint your ideas. This is what I call the ignition capital.

Instead of spending days and sleepless nights writing business plans and sprinting from one office to the other wearing-off your only pair of shoes googling for the non-existing ignition capital.

I have laid out a very simple, actionable ways of addressing your problem below.

Just read on.

Many of us have brilliant problem-solving proposals gathering ‘binary dust‘ on our computers. Whiles many more hard copies lie desolate on the desks of prospective investors.

Yet they don’t see the need to bet their hard earn money on some mushrooming business ideas with lower odds of winning and from a “NOBODY” without track records.

After all, who cares about you and your hallucinating business ideas? Not even your own social circles. I have played victim to this situation many times.

So this guide is written for me as much as it’s written for you.

The saddest part is this; you will be watching TV one day and see your plans been implemented by the same people who turned you down. Calming your glories and fame under your watch rendering you helpless

However, most people also secure the funding but fail (as a result of laziness) to take massive actions necessary to see the ideas materialize.

Letting their sponsor’s down by wasting their resources. As a result, they hinder the chances of others looking for financial support for their Kickstarter projects.

The primary reasons for investing in startups are to maximize return on investments (ROI) or at worse break even.

Not to lose the initial investment.

Investors do understand that every investment opportunities comes with a risk factor. Hence they do everything possible to reduce or manage the risk.

Pro Tip; to be a successful business person, you have to learn to manage risk instead of fearing to take the risk.

So before you blame the government, economy, faith, hard lack, spiritual or any forces of nature consider this;

  • Do you have chains of failing business ideas added to your portfolio?
  • Are you credible to access any credits facility such as kabbage?
  • The family doesn’t have the appetite to support you anymore. Because they’ve spent a fortune on your university education with the hope of you securing a job. Still, nothing is happening.
  • Your friends have no interest in investing in your ideas.
  • Society sees you a daydreamer and a loser because you’ve tried and failed many times.
  • They are not seeing the bigger picture
  • Do you have the zeal needed to see the project succeed? or you easily give-up and abounding your projects

Without monetary support, the mind-blowing startup idea that you have won’t fly. There is no way your dreams can be born. It will still remain a zygote in fallopian tubes of the uterus.

Raising funds for a business your own family doesn’t believe in can be very challenging.

Spunky, a childhood friend of mine ones said if you want to sell your idea to an investor, try selling it to your family first. If they buy it your prospects are high. If they don’t then kiss it a good buy because it won’t sell.


Every business requires some substantial amount of money to take off. But, what do you do when you don’t have that amount to start your business. We envisioned ourselves starting a billion dollar company yet we lack the monetary backings. However, setting realistic goals for your business will lead you to the promise land.

To get a sponsor for your projects
Jeff Bezos, the founder of the largest ecommerce site in the world started as an online books retailing site at his father’s basement. Now it’s a billion dollar company. Read more here 

Jack Ma founder of


Jack Ma, the founder (An English teacher) of China’s answer to Amazon. With the help of his other 17 friends decided to use the internet to expand the export markets of Chinese manufactures to the rest of the world.

However in his early life, Ma started china Pages a directory of various Chinese companies looking for customers abroad, and some say it’s the country’s first internet business. Yet he failed. Now he’s wealth $29 billion according to Forbes.

Aliko Dangote richest man in Africa and 67th in the world: Start A Business When You Have No Money


Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa and the 67th in the world according to Forbes started very humbly as an errand boy for his uncle.

I can remember when I was in primary school, I would go and buy cartons of sweets [candy] and I would start selling them just to make money. I was so interested in business, even at that time.

According to him and today as of February 2017, he had an estimated net worth of US$12.5 billion.

How many of us today have such level of patience and endurance?

All these successful entrepreneurs started with nothing, yet they set realistic achievable financial targets before getting to where they are today. But our generation wants to put up the empire state building in a day.

Even though I’m not asking you to invent the next technology, because that’s not the core mandate of an entrepreneur, however, my humble appeal is, what you do with the ones (technology) at your disposal.

I’m not asking you to create the next Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, Apple, Airbnb, Uber or PayPal… but what you can do with the existing technologies is my focus here. The founders of these companies have laid the foundation for you and me to build upon.


The new king on the block Frank Darko, the Ghanaian who recently invented the water ridden bicycle with one hundred dollars ($100) is now attracting investors.

A level 100 student currently enjoying a full scholarship at Takoradi Technical University where he’s studying BA Graphic Design (the same institution he was dropping out due to financial constraints).

No one cared for him till his invention came to light. He kept his head down, stayed focused on his course till he cracked the shell.

Such is the level of tenacity I encourage you to cultivate.

Because his idea has seen the light of day and it’s solving a real human problem. The sleepless nights are paying off.

However, what I want to emphases is that, during his incubation period, there was NO one to help him. He might even try selling the idea out to people, but they will call him names. How can a bicycle be ridden on water are you crazy! But as determined as an eagle, he was able to cross every ’t’ and dot every ‘i’. Kudos frank and try not to stop there.

frank darko's water ridden bicycle

His story motivated me; it struck me with a lightning bolt. Got me thinking of ways I can make 100 dollars fast to build up my internet business opportunities instead of relying solely on external donors.  And the outcome will amaze you.

Many of us think we need lots of money before starting some sort of a business. Well, I’m here to prove you wrong

Keep reading. However, if you want to jump to the juicy section scroll down


I can envision the frustrations on your face, setting yourself ablaze, and brainstorming for ways to ignite your vision. Well, you not alone. I’m doing same here as I write this guide.

You need a solution but you can’t even think straight right now because;

  • You’re losing your girlfriend to another man due to your finances.
  • Lost your dignity in your own family because of the misfortunes of joblessness.
  • The life-supporting machine in your family and things are turning the opposite direction.

Something needs to be done and fast.


That’s why I put together this guide explaining ways you can generate 100 dollars fast. In fact, it’s quite possible for you to make 100 dollars a day with some of the ideas listed here.

Some of the ideas we share in this guide can help you achieve your desired results immediately, whiles others will need a combination of factors to attain the 100 dollar target.

Moreover, in other to make legitimate money online to finance your future plans, I encourage you to focus all your efforts on providing some sort of service to people. Your willingness to put the needs of your clients ahead of your hungry for money is the only sure way of making real money.

There isn’t any shortcut. So if you’re only in for the money, then I guess you re-evaluate your thoughts.

If your service proves popular, you can easily expand it into a full-time business if you want.

So let’s get started.

living on a budget


When people begin searching for an external solution to their financial problems, they usually miss the self-evident.

The leakages you need to plug in your daily spending in other to save for your business.

You’d be surprised at how much cash you pointlessly spend every week just on sustenance things alone.

The awful part is that it’s spent on things you don’t really need. Living on a budget can help you save lots of money for your startup.

For example;

That $5 coffee you buy on your way to work every day, and possibly another after lunch amounting $10 daily, $50 weekly and a whopping $200 on coffee alone in a month.

Just avoid them. No matter how it tastes, it’s a leakage in your life that needs a fix.

While a tin of coffee on Amazon costs $36.24; do the math and know how much leakage you need to plug in other to save money for your startup.

However becoming an early riser will get you extra hours to prepare your coffee at home.

Secondly, the amount you spend on pizza and takeaways during the week since you’re excessively drained making it impossible to cook?  That is another $40 down the waste bin.

You could be extremely creative here and budget to live on $25 of foodstuffs this week. This will incorporate conveying your food to work every day.

Develop the habit of bulk buying and spend time during the weekend, to prepare all your meal and fill up your fridge. All you need is a microwave and you’re good to go.

Thirdly; try quitting smoking and drinking. Stop for seven days, and that is another $42 in your pocket.

Avoiding your costly coffee, $10 snacks, smoking and whatever else you’re squandering cash on the can without much of a stretch put an additional $100 in your pocket this week. Prepare your personal budget today and plug the leakages in your system. Remember to strictly go according to the plan.



A difficult but necessary way to raise money for your business is to cut down on your entertainment frills. These include your cable television connection, your pricey telephone plan, your Netflix subscription and your $5 newsletter subscriptions.

In reality, many families have subscriptions for different digital contents which they rarely used. When you unsubscribe from these service for a period of time you’re putting back thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Forty-six percent of American citizens spend at least $71 on their cell phone bill each month, and another $64 on their cable television bundle.

Putting off your cable television bundle and selecting an inexpensive cell phone bundle for the following month can quite without difficulty put a hundred dollar again in your pocket.

Yes, you will get bored without much access to digital contents as before. However, to catch up with your enthusiasm it’s high time you get busy with all the books you’ve not read with the excuse of not having time.

An excellent book I would recommend is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki. If you don’t own it, Get it from the neighborhood library or at best buy your own.

You may automate the process of monitoring all of these unused subscriptions using a service call Trim. Most people are surprised when they recognize how many subscriptions they really have that are draining their income.

Get A Part-Time Job


I understand you already work hard already, however, if you need extra cash starting your personal business then getting a part-time job is an ideal choice. There’s no time feeling bad, you only laze your boots get out there and earn the extra bucks you’re missing.

What you are seeking out is the type of part-time work done by college students e.g. Bartending, or waiting tables.

The reasons have to be that people working at these jobs can make a lot of money from tips as they do from their primary (day job) earnings.

The tip money is split up at the end of each shift, or on occasion on the cease of the week.

Tips from customers always make working in a bar and restaurants very lucrative, as long as you select the right vicinity to work.

Key Takeaway: Always remember this; your appearance, hospitality, and services you render to customers result in you getting more tips. So work on your customer service before taking this up job. And here are a few great suggestions for making the most of your part-time bartending activities. If it’s really the path you pick to follow.

Sign Up For Overtime


Let me be upfront with you: with all honesty, you hate your current job. But love it or hate it, it’s your only source of income now. Agencies are happy enough to have more personnel working extra hours. It increases productivity and in return fetch workers extra cash.

A win-win situation

You may not take pleasure in the concept of working the extra more hours, but in case you’re strategic about it, you can earn extra money in less time.

You do this by signing up for;

  • weekend shifts
  • Or late shifts.


Because these usually attract a premium rate of up to 25% connected to them.

So, instead of earning $10 per hour you would be making  $12.50 an hour.

However, instead of working 12 hours to make up the target ($100), with the increase in your hourly rate you only need to do 10 hours of overtime to restore the startup capital.

We’re making allowances for taxes, by the way. It is now not simply lousy math.

Some organizations pay way more than a 25% ’premium shift’ rate, requiring you to work fewer hours for the equal financial benefits.

In most case, the easiest way to find out how to make 100 bucks fast is to politely ask your boss.

Ask For Salary Increase


I deliberately positioned this section right here because I know you’re probably going say “…why did not I think about that?”

The important thing right here isn’t just to march into your boss’s office and demand an increase in salary.

Alternatively, come up with a proposal that explains precisely what you will do to justify the more money you’re inquiring about.

So, we shall assume you’re working in a supermarket. Getting an increase right here is suggesting a simple brand new system for lowering shoplifting.

Base your arguments primarily on the most frequently stolen item’s statistics. Search for alternative action plan you could do that will directly benefit your employer financially.

But will cost them little or no money in return.

It is a great idea to ask for an increase out of your company due to the fact:

  1. It shows you’re interested in progressing within the enterprise.
  2. If your strategies it the right way there is a very good chance you will get it.
  3. The extra cash will already be in your saving account ready to finance your projects

Thrift Store Flipping


This method of making $100 calls for a little bit of your time, a few types of research, and a tiny investment.

Simply, you visit a charity or thrift shops in your vicinity and look for these three types of items:

  1. books,
  2. girl’s clothes,
  3. And tea/coffee cups.

Why so precise?

Well, because books, attire, and teacups all have identifying marks, of one type or another, which allows you to quickly, determine their cost. And you will be amazed by the extraordinarily treasured items you could find lying on the dusty shelves of your average thrift shop.

It is possible to buy used antique or fashion designer clothing in thrift save stores and resell them on craigslist, eBay, gumtree and Amazon for handsome earnings. You can rinse and repeat the process till you swim in a pool of greenbacks. This could even be a full-time business if your research proves right.


Repair Computer


Are you good with computers and mobile phones that all your buddies turn to you when they have some sort of a glitch with their PC and mobile devices?

But after restoring it to factory default, you are too nice to ask for cash, so they give you pie or beer alternatively?

Well, did you know most computer sales and repair stores charge $65 simply to do away with a virus or malware! And reinstallation of Operating System adds extra $50 to your pocket. Yet you exchange this money with beer and you are walking around begging for $100 loan. Does it make sense?

We don’t care how tasty your friend’s pie is, it’s doesn’t worth $65.

Key takeaway: You can create a Facebook web page for your laptop restoration “enterprise” in 10 minutes or less. Then simply ask your previous clients for referrals.

It takes no more than an hour to completely remove a virus or malware from a computer, and you only need to do that for 2 customers to make the pass mark for the 100 dollar startup capital.

Write Resume for money


Have you ever been commended for your creativity in writing your cover letters and resume? Awesome, most people are certainly awful at both writing cover letters and formatting their resume in a manner that might not make recruiters choke on their coffee.

You could easily charge $50 to prepare an individual’s resume for them, and every other $40 to write their application letter. Resume writing services regularly charge as a minimum twice that amount, so you’re offering your customers a bargain.

Key Takeaway: Every job requires different resume format and method of writing. So do your best to stay updated with modern trends. Be dynamic in your offerings since first impression counts, focus on providing value instead of the monetary gains.

sell your sweat on thumbtack


Chill, I don’t literally mean your bodily fluids. What we do imply is that your community no doubts have dozens of people who need your help.

They want snow shoveled, lawns mowed, leaves collected, their windows wiped clean, furniture moved, their home or apartment cleaned, or their car washed.

You may print out some flyers using your home PC, after which you simply paste them on you buddies windows, commercial bus, metro and notice boards in the community.

How much can you charge?

Shoveling snow can fetch you $20 for simply clearing the front of a house. You could charge $30 for mowing garden, so you only have to mow a handful to earn the cash you need for your business.

However, if your services prove popular, you can turn it into a full-time business

If you need a few ideas study how Stephanie Nesseth turned her need to put food on for her families table into a thriving cleaning business.

Rent Your Home


Unless you have been dwelling in a cave for the last decade or so, then you may have heard about Airbnb. It’s a simple easy concept: you hire out your spare room for cash to short-time staying visitors.

In fact, you may even move as far as renting out your entire home for other people to live in.

How much you may rent your room or house for will rely greatly on where you stay. Centrally-located homes or flats fetch better cash than in case you’re living in the woods.

As a trendy rule, there’s no reason why you cannot lease your spare bedrooms to Airbnb customers for $30 per night. Or you could live with pals for weeks, whilst renting out your property or condo, and bank several hundred dollars.

Evan Kimberly is a perfect instance of what’s viable with Airbnb. You would possibly want to sit down before you read his story.


lease your unused space


Certainly, one of the biggest headaches you run into while moving to a new home is locating someplace to keep all of your stuff. Sure, there are devoted storage facilities you could rent for some weeks or months, but they can be prohibitively pricey.

Your unused garage or attic area is in demand for people who want short-time storage period, however without a serious case of sticky label shock.

How awesome would it be to receive payment for really keeping some packing containers inside the garage you in no way use for anything else?

A 1-vehicle storage can rent for approximately $125 per month, so you can also charge roughly equal amount or less (to alleviate competition) in your spare bedroom.

drive for cash


I believe you’ve possibly heard lots of success stories about people earning money by working with Uber or Lyft, but have you ever thought about doing it yourself?

Certainly, transporting people around goes to eat into your loose time. However, it’s going to take a handful of driving gigs to earn you that cash you so badly want.

Or, you can be clearly strategic here, and simply look for riding gigs that work around your lifestyle.

For example, you may drive a passenger to the same vicinity you intend on doing all of your grocery shopping this week.

A bit of lateral thinking can go a long way in making riding gigs work for you, in place of the other way round?

Figuring out a way to make 100 dollars speedy through driving people around isn’t always exactly rocket technological know-how. Is it? Your appearance counts so try to dress professionally to attract the big fishes with deep pockets.

Key Takeaway; you don’t need to own a car before you could make money from diving, that’s why Uber and Lyft among other companies are there to assist you. All you need is a 5-minute sign-up time, a valid license and you’re good to go.
However, when done right you can become the private driver of a corporate executive. Making money has never been easy as it is today. Give it a try today and come back 6-months time and thank me.

Sell Your Stuff Online


I can assure you have one hundred dollars of unused items sitting in your home. You may not have taught about it before, but the trick is to look for personal effects you have not used in the last 6 months – electronics, garb (cloths), jewelry or something.

The 6-month mark is vital because if you haven’t used the item within that time frame, then there’s a very strong chance you may by no means use it again.

So why not sell it for cash as alternative revenue on craigslist or eBay?

Simply do your due diligence before you list your items? You’ve got to analyze what other sellers are pricing their items after your research is complete list your items for 10% less than that.

Well, you don’t have anything lying around that hasn’t been used in the last few months? Then, this could hurt because your gaming rig will be finding a new home.

Key Takeaway: You don’t need to be an expert or take any expensive course before you can sell online. Visit any of your preferred shopping sites. Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress (only Asians) for example and register for a sellers account.

Take a look at their bestsellers list which is updated daily or weekly to see what is selling fast.
In their search bar put in the keyword of the product name, you wish to sell to see the competition you’re up against.

Filter through by selecting 4-5 star ratings with higher reviews. Make time to read most if not all the review to know the pitfalls of your competitors and take advantage of their weakness. Doing this will help you sell your items fast and easy.

delivery driver on duty


Handing over takeaway food or groceries won’t be the most glamorous job in the world. But these jobs pay regular money.

There may be the added bonus that at least one fast food joint in your community may be looking out for new drivers.

Fast food operators are expanding exponentially hence the need for new delivery drivers. It may not be the best job for you but the payout is good. Rendering a good service to your clients can result in getting tips from them as a bonus.

Don’t forget this is not a brand new profession for you; it is only a temporary gig until you get your budget. There is the added bonus that’s transporting passengers around along your delivery schedule.

sell stuff offline


If you do not have the time to sell your stuff online via craigslist or eBay, then simply gather together the unused items and hold a garage sale.

Sure, this might mean swallowing your pride a little bit. However just take a funny method to it; your mindset will continually dictate your altitude.

Most towns have their own flea markets and swap meets. Getting your personal desk there may cost some greenbacks, however with careful production choice and a bit of salesmanship.

There’s no reason why you cannot cover your cost + $50, one hundred dollars in a day or two of selling.

Pawn stores are the final resort because they offer cents at the dollar for items. However in case you’re simply desperate for cash then you can certainly pawn one of your most treasured possessions.


Recycling cell phones


Did you know that many of the first technology Smartphone’s used gold components in their creation?

Now, don’t count on cracking your Smartphone open and discover a gold nugget in there.

But the fact remains there’s a marketplace for older Smartphones due to the fact they include a variety of valuable metals in small quantities.

Check with your circle of relatives and pals if they have antique phones they no longer use.

And then either sell them to a telephone recycling corporation, where you may receive commission cash for them.

Or you can sell the Smartphone to a scrap metallic supplier, however with the understanding that there may be a small amount of gold within the device.

I.e. ask for more money for it.

Don’t you believe that old telephones are scrapped for the precious metals internal them? Do a search on YouTube.

Play With Puppies!


This may sound wired but it’s very practical and easy way to make 100 dollars quick.

Who doesn’t want to play with doggies all day and get paid for it?

How will you feel, if you read a job description that went something like this, “Person required ruffling my canine’s (dog) ears and rubbing her stomach $20 per hour”.

Wouldn’t you sign up?  Of course, I would, easy money

Even as people are competing to keep their day jobs, their canine (dog) partners are regularly left at home alone.

Puppies hate being alone.

They do not understand why their handlers (owners) are not around them all day.

So, there are a lot of fur infant parents who will quite thankfully pay you to take a walk with their dog, both in their home or your own.

You may price $10 – $20 per hour for puppy-sitting, and as much as $75 for an overnight stay.

And the best part is you don’t even need to go out there and market your service, simply use sites like DogVacay or Rover


Relax buddy; you don’t need to be J.K Rowling to make money from writing.

In truth, you simply need the capacity to read around a subject/topic and then write it in a based manner.

Your writing skills will improve the more you actually write, so do not sweat the finer information right now.

The real beauty of freelance writing is that there’s massive demand for it.

Organizations are seeking out people just like you to write on subjects starting from university guides to pets.

Your biggest hurdle when writing for the first time is getting customers; however, you may shortcuts that via the use of sites like Onespace or iwriter. To avoid waiting for clients in the queue this premium site will get you the client in less than 30 minutes of joining

Now, those websites don’t pay a fortune for written work, however, they pay quickly for the work you do. However, the premium sites give you clients willing to pay $100 for a 500 word premium article.

You can jot down 10 – 20 short articles or blog posts to make you a hundred dollars, however, they always, usually have work to be done.

Iwriter offers weekly bills via PayPal, and onespace deposit money into your PayPal account as soon as your content material is accepted.

You could extensively utilize websites like upwork and freelance paycheck to find freelance writing jobs; however, their payment system is a lot slower than either onespace or iwriter.

Pro Tip: If you’re really serious about turning your writing hobbies into a full-time well-paying job. Where you just wake up, log in to your account and Walla!!- Jobs wait in your inbox without you competing with millions of other writers in the space. Then you need to check this out.

Website Design


Asking people to design a functioning website is the equivalent of asking them to sit on an egg. So, if you have even the most basic understanding of how to create a website, this is a skill you could promote as a service.

To who!

You can start by looking up for small agencies in your community on Facebook, examine their ‘about’ page and see if they have an internet presence.

If they don’t, then you’ve actually found your first potential client.

Professional web design businesses can charge $10,000+ for a slick website, that’s really beyond the budget of most small business proprietors.

You, alternatively, might be willing to create a three-page website for that small business for $100.

You can ask for more, but this price is so low most organizations will struggle to find a reason to “turn down” your offer.

Key Takeaway: Now you’re lacking ideas on how to promote the concept to them? That’s the easy part. Ask them what it’d be worth to their business if you can get them 3 new clients month, all thanks to the website you’ll build for them. How can you know in advance they will get clients from the new website? Well, trust in the ‘law of the law of averages’.


social media management


You have heard or read all about how much money social media influences make. And you can’t walk blocks without bumping into a person who claims to be a social media manager.

In most cases, most of them are simply posturing. Their concept of social media management is that they have 2,000 friends on their personal Facebook page.

However, small business owners in your hometown want people like you to assist manage their social media presence. Most of them delegate the job to a worker, but if the worker vacates post, or simply forgets, then their social presence suffers.

You might be more than happy to control their facebook and twitter accounts for the low rate of just $100 in keeping with the month. It will take about an hour of your time every week to do this for any small commercial enterprise.

If you’re thrilled about monetizing your social media followers the right way this will set you up on the right path

emerge as a house sitting


Leaving your home unattended for days or even weeks at a time is an invitation to burglars. It does not rely on matter how high-tech your security or alarm system is. They’ll be in and long gone before the police ever show up.

I sometimes wonder why the police always show when it’s game over.

As a residence sitter, you basically move into another individual’s home and live there while they’re away. Most people do this for free, soliciting for nothing than heat, light, and meals in return.

The average house sitter charges not less than $25 per a day and a maximum of $45. So you could make one hundred dollars by sleeping in another person’s residence over a weekend. See the diagram below and decide how much you can make choosing this path.


house sitter earnings

Not sure where to even start?

Check out mindahome, or just google “house sitting service + area”- you will discover plenty of businesses looking for residence sitters.

Or just create your personal house sitting fun page on facebook, and ask your friends to share and like it for you.

become a babysitter


Every bleary-eyed, disturbing, exhausted parent in the world will need a babysitter at some stage. And they’re more than happy to pay you $10 to $15 per hour to take a break away from their children.

Community or neighborhood groups on Facebook are a tremendous way to advertise your service. You won’t be waiting long to get your first client if you combine a facebook page with some word-of-mouth promotion and marketing.

Want to stand tall among the competition? Provide to babysit when nobody else does or is inclined to;

  • Early mornings
  • middle of the day
  • Late evenings
  • Weekends

Position yourself to be the person mother’s call when they need to run out for lunch with friends. But they can’t find a babysitter in the short note. Once you turn out to be that man or woman, you come to be quintessential.

In case you do not think babysitting is an actual business, ask Lynn Perkins. She’s the CEO of a company known as UrbanSitter, which grew from Lynn’s need to discover reliable babysitters for her twins.

Key Takeaway: Babysitting has gained lots of bushing lately as a result of some individual’s bad treatments they give to their client’s kids.

As precautionary parents have eyes and ears everywhere.

So try not to add up to the bad nuts. Serve your clients with open hearts and you will find babysitting rewarding.


girl baking cookies oven young woman


You know that tasty chocolate chip cookie you grab with your low-fat cappuccino each morning? You are happy to pay $3 for it because it’s handy and tastes delicious.

What you probably didn’t realize is that cookie cost approximately 25cent to bake – together with ingredients. That’s $2.75cent earnings on every single cookie sold.

Baking cookies are one of the simplest things in the world, so even if you don’t know how simply find a recipe on youtube and follow it.

All you need is eggs, sugar, butter, flour and chocolate chips, which you possibly already have at home.

You may take those ingredients you already have and make at least 15 cookies from, with a retail value of $45. Baking and selling 4 batches of those cookies will net you $100, once you take away your costs.

Where can you sell them?

An outstanding region to begin is at any flea market where people sell coffee.

picking up trash for cash


There’s nothing worse than seeing people dump their trash in public, especially in parking lots. Now, not only does it set the wrong tone for the community, but it additionally sets the incorrect tone for nearby businesses.

Why not approach the assets control organization responsible for the car lot, and provide to pick up the trash other people leave behind?

You may effortlessly charge $20 per hour for this form of work, and you additionally help keep your metropolis clean.

And all of the gears required are some waste sacks and some hours of your time.

Brian Winch of CleanLots is the right instance of the way clearing up other people’s mess is a great way to earn quick cash

get paid on saving life


We are now delving into the territory of “I have tried everything else, however, am out of ideas”.

Selling your blood or plasma is a quick way to make more money, even though it’s no longer the most attractive way of doing that.

You get paid more for plasma than entire blood, at a rate of $25 – $50 for every time you donate.

The only disadvantage here is that your neighborhood blood bank will receive donations from you twice every week, for health motives.

Which means it’s going to take two weeks to earn that greater one hundred bucks you want.

You can locate your nearest blood donation center right here.

resell vehicles


In case you’re a bit of a piston head, and can quote car values without going online, then flipping cars is probably one of the fastest ways to make extra money.

The process is the same as flipping houses i.e. you buy low and sell high, doing as little as possible to earn the most sum of money in return.

Now, in our state of affairs you don’t have the cash to flip a car, but perhaps you own a car.

If so that you can sell your personal automobile for say $500. Then take that cash and find an automobile which you know for sure is well worth at least $800, but is on sale for $500.

Or find someone who’s determined to sell their car and offer them well below marketplace price.

After you flip this new vehicle you may have $800 income sitting in your bank account. Rinse and repeat one more flip of a vehicle purchased for $800, and then resell it for $1000.

You now have a couple hundred extra bucks in your financial institution account, plus you can afford to buy a more luxury car than you owned weeks ago.

And afford to sponsor your dream business.



The most luxurious wigs are made from real human hair. A healthy good quality human hair of 10-inches or longer in length is always in demand. It’s always in demand as long as you don’t dye, heat or breach your hair, and quit smoking if you really want to sell a healthy hair.

Need a marketplace to sell your hair? Consider listing on “hair for sale” sites.

How much can you earn anywhere around thousand bucks if you have lengthy, healthy hair? At the barest minimum, you can expect to be paid at the least $100 for your cute tresses.

Are you freaked out about selling your hair to someone else? Do not worry, it’ll grow again.

the best local tour guide


Nobody is familiar with vicinity in addition to the people living there i.e. you. So why not offer guided walking tours of your community to vacationers who’re eager to know it as in detail as you do?

Or maybe you may provide a pictures tour, so your organization of travelers can capture images of sights they might not have seen without your assistance.

Or if that does not quite appeal to you, then why not provide them a guided ingesting tour of your metropolis. You may show them the best bars and nightclubs to hang out in, or the great eating places to dine in.

You could even double up your income here by strategically operating with local restaurants to have them featured as a part of your tour.

The prices you can charge will depend on where you live. A four-hour guided tour of Paris for three humans can cost $250, but your guided tour of the quality bars in Boise likely may not fetch as much money.

You could offer your nearby expertise through websites like Vayable.

Amazon Arbitrage

29. Amazon Arbitrage

Making $100 with this method is really easy. I love this method because it’s so easy that anyone can do it. There’s lots of income potential for people willing to put in the extra work.

You find something on sale in a local store costing $5 each. You then check on Amazon and find different people selling the same item for $15 each.

There are many apps that will help you speed up the price evaluation method – Profit Bandit is a famous one.

With Amazon arbitrage, you will then purchase several of these items at five dollars each, after which deliver them to an Amazon fulfillment center through your free amazon seller account.

You then list your merchandise on Amazon, perhaps dropping your price to $10 for the item you are selling.

That’s still five bucks less than your competition; however, you stand to make 100% profit.

Your products are actually indexed on the biggest online retail platform.

As they sell Amazon will deposit funds into your account, and then automatically deposit those cash into your bank account every 14 days.

ally indexed on the biggest online retail platform.

As they sell Amazon will deposit funds into your account, and then automatically deposit those cash into your bank account every 14 days.

run an erran for others


You can bank cash by way of signing up for a service like Task Rabbit. It is a simple concept: you spend time doing different people’s chores – the same odd jobs they absolutely don’t have time for.

There are lots of people willing to pay you to;

  • gather their dry cleansing
  • rake their garden
  • clean their home
  • assemble their flat-pack furniture
  • do their laundry
  • buy stuff in the market for them
  • Or any of dozens of other duties they cannot do themselves.

How much money can you earn doing this? It’s all based on hourly quotes, however here’s a Task Rabbit success story that might simply blow your mind.

This is a cash and carries system because you get paid immediately you complete your task straight away and with a happy client.

But it may take a few days for your cash to hit your bank account. You could assist people with their lives, alongside making hundreds of dollars every month.


We are on a mission of generating 100 grand startup capital for our business idea.

Do you know that you can make money online just by sharing great products via an app with your social circle?

Still, don’t believe me! because it’s too good to be true. Well, don’t take my word for this.

Let me show you, I hope you have heard of

It’s a sister company of

Aliexpress is the Asian version of where small business owners and individual making single purchases do their online shopping. An interesting fact is that Alibaba sells more products than Amazon and eBay combined.

Now let’s get into the fun part.

Visit Google play store (Andriod users) or the apple store (iOS ) and search for “Aliexpress” mobile app and download it. Get it here

aliexpress app

Sign up for a new account if you’re not an existing customer. Under my account section on the shopping app, locate earn by sharing tab and click on it.

earn by sharing

You will be taken to the page where you’re to decide which product to share with your social circles. For the purpose of this guide, we are going to use the hair extension and wigs category.

I hope by now you’re on the category page on your aliexpress mobile shopping app. There 5 things consider in other to maximize conversion;

  1. Product Selection
  2. Customer Ratings
  3. Number of orders
  4. Estimated commission
  5. Click the share icon

Selecting a product to promote for commission among over 100 million products can be very challenging.

Especially if you’re new to this. However, note that most product sold on Aliexpress comes with the lowest market price.

So if you chose a product sell at $5 and a commission rate of 20% is given each time you generate a sale you’ll be making one dollar ($1) as commission.

This will, however, slow down your chances of getting our targeted startup capital. So make sure to go after products that make buyers purchase impulsively.

PRO TIP: Share $10- $50 products that are mostly used by women. Since they make over 70% of purchases online as compared to men. That is why I opted for the HAIR EXTENSION AND WIGS category.

Second, the most important thing to consider when sharing your products is the previous ratings from real people with the first-hand experience on the product.

Your credibility and value should be your ultimate priority. if you focus on sharing value your audience will love you and return a favor by making their purchases via your links.

Always go after products with ratings 4-5 stars with good quality reviews, so with our example, the product ratings are 4.8 *****.

This refers to the number of products sold by the seller whose product you’re promoting.

In our example, the product has 914 orders which are great.

Please, it’s important to note that the number of orders doesn’t refer to the number of products sold.

A single order can result in hundreds of product bought by a single client.

The higher the order numbers the better the products and the seller’s customer service.

Now, here comes the fun part. The ‘WHY’ we’re doing all this sharing, the commission part. To be upfront with you, products with higher commissions are going to be very competitive.

Since we all love to make lots of money from our efforts. So, in other to say ahead of your competition, however, don’t just click to share the product links but rather describe the product benefits the end user will get after purchasing your recommended products.

Be truth with your audience and never be pushing them to make a sale. Your audience is informed and will easily know your end game and abandon your links.


The final stage of the earn by sharing process is your ability to share more useful products to your circles. There are no limits to the number of the product you can promote.

The more you share the better your chances of generating sales. Be persistent with your sharings. Let us assume you promote 100 links in a day, 2,800 in a month.

So if and your CTA (Call To Action) is 10% with a $1 commission then you would be making $280 easy money just by sharing linking. No website requires just your social media followers is all you need with a 15-day links expiration period success is within rich.


According to Wikipedia, Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and of alternative finance.

This is what I term building a business with other peoples investments. If you’re having a product idea that you think people will love and you’re lacking the financial backing materializing your dreams.

Then your worries are over. There is a place on the internet where people are willing to invest in top-notch innovations.

Two of such places are Indiegogo and Kickstarter





Here’s how it works, since we’re out of cash to fund the project ourselves, our job is to write a vivid product creation and execution plans, documenting every detail of your innovation.

Create an account on those sites and publish your content there. This is in some way your business plan so every piece of details counts.

Remember to be on the site frequently to answer questions posed by prospective sponsors. Your pre-sponsors get free shipping and a huge discount when the product is finally ready for the market.

Remember to be original, creative and most importantly innovative in your proposal writing else you won’t get a single sponsor to your project. There’s about 30-day listings expiration period.

Investors lookout for projects with lost of followers before they get their feet wet. Those projects are likely to have success when releasing on the market.

It’s a first come first serve basis.


 I am thrilled we’re getting to the end of our guides today, but before we call it a day there are some key takeaways that we need to remember. So that whenever we think of starting a business (whether offline or online) without money then we apply them to raise capital.

I agree you need money to make money. However; if you are confident that you have a product or service people want, don’t allow the lack of funds stop you from starting a business.

Throwing in the towel won’t address your financial woes, it will rather worsen it. Put in the work, stay focus on your dreams like Frank Darko whose invention cost $100? Work in silence and let your success do the talking for you.

Moreover, there are proven ways to generate $100 fast to commence your dream business without borrowings as discussed above. You’ve been trying to secure a job after your graduation yet all your effort hasn’t produced anything.

So it’s time you join the league of self-employers.

To be upfront with you; traveling on this road requires your commitment, perseverance, hard work and dedication (P.h.D). This road is full of twists and turns yet very rewarding when you stay FOCUS on your quest.

Always cultivate the ‘why wouldn’t I go’ mindset and be poised to serve your clients with value by placing their needs above yours.

Remember to set a realistically achievable goal and start small like Jack Ma, Aliko Dangote, and Jeff Bezos did in the early years of their life.

Now it’s your turn to share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. Share with your friends who wish to start their own business yet lack financial supports

What strategies are you using to generate $100 fast for your startup?


Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.







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